Sabregirl's Morrowind Mods: Playable Race Mods

Playable Race Mods

  • Pharlan race modPharlans
    My best developed race for morrowind, flight capable, unusual balancing, has a quest mod with 180+ pharlan NPCs. - Better bodies 2.0

  • Chefik race modChefik
    An elvish race with some catlike features. - Better bodies 2.1.

  • Wolven race modWolven
    A re-skin and BB2 update of the original wolf race mod made by Phyntoswasp.

  • Hrotha race modHrotha
    A double whammy race - a (female only) beast AND male and female upright. - Better bodies 2.1.

  • Ryukaissen race modRyukaissen-
    A dragon warrior race mod for Morrowind - Better bodies 2.1 a few NPCs and dialogue.

  • Galesa Pharlan race modGalesa Pharlan-
    A blue/white artic form of Pharlans. - Better bodies 2.0 some NPCs, dialogue and a new scripted gameplay style.

  • Gadan Pharlan race modGadan Pharlans-
    A black and red color variant of pharlans.

  • Forest Pharlan race modForest Pharlan-
    A smaller, more stealth based form of Pharlans. - Better bodies 2.0 some NPCs and dialogue.

  • Kentarossai race modKentarossai
    A massive venomous and evil beast race. Glowmapped BB meshes.

  • Hazaeki Shapeshifter RaceHazaeki Shape Shifter race
    A race of shapeshifters that look like BB dunmer. VERY different gameplay, lots of different looks.

  • Keynari race modKeynari
    Small Magic and Stealth inclined Foxes reskinned from wolven. - Better bodies 2.1 - 13 NPCs and Dialogue
  • Gryphon race modGryphon
    A gryphon/griffin playable race for morrowind. - NEW with Better bodies 2.1 and NPCs
  • Tartarian race modTartarians
    A true bird race that loves fire. - Better bodies 2.1 - 10 NPCs and full Dialogue.
  • JoRakht race modJo'Rakht
    My attempt at a somewhat TES lore-friendly race . . . The Jo'Rakht are khajiit dunmer hybrids - heavy on the khajiit.