Sabregirl's Morrowind mods

The Keynari

The Keynari are a fox type race reskinned from the wolven. They are very small in stature but highly intelligent, quick and agile.


Stats M/F
Str 20/20
Int 60/60
Wil 40/40
Agi 45/50
Spd 40/40
End 30/25
Per 35/35
Luc 40/40

Skill bonuses
Sneak- 15
Illusion - 10
Marksman - 10
Security - 5
Mysticism - 5

1.5X magicka Bonus
1pt restore magicka

invisibility 120 sec.

Their stats and bonuses are balanced based on the 310/45 rule. They don't have any big weaknesses as I thought simply having them tiny and starting off with only 20 strength and 25 endurance was enough of a disadvantage.

There are 13 Keynari NPCs scattered around Morrowind included in this mod.

New in version 2.5:

Implemented better bodies!
Added a few more NPCs in a Smuggler's cave
A little dialogue for Keynari NPCs
"Anatomically correct" version included - for those of you who want it . .
FIXED the getting stuck problem . . .

Download the Keynari version 2.0

In my own universe, the Keynari are allies of the Pharlans and one of the seven great races. The technological specialty of the Keynari is biotechnology (although they are also skilled in many other areas of science). Their home world is filled with strange and fantastic animals and plants they have produced.