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The Hazaeki Shape shifter Race mod for Morrowind

This mod creates a new playable race. They look just like better bodies better heads dunmer except in the transformed state. This race is mostly about radically different gameplay rather than spiffy new looks. Because of this . . .

This plugin REQUIRES!!!

Better Heads (Faces of Vvardenfell) (Installed but not necessarily activated)

Better Bodies(Installed but not necessarily activated)

Scripted Spells by Cortex (must be installed, active and loading BEFORE the race mod)

if you do not install these plugins the race WILL NOT WORK!

These three are SEPARATE downloads! ADDITIONAL to the race itself.

This mod REQUIRES the Bloodmoon expansion!

The Hazaeki race has NO magicka You heard me NO magicka at all (they have a constant effect damage magicka ability) but you can gain no-cost spells that allow you to transform into almost every creature in morrowind and bloodmoon as well as better bodies/heads forms of all 9 other races.
Upright versions of khajiits and argonians - WITH tails. Khajiit are "neutered" and the argonian females DO have breasts simply because - I hoped this combination would make the most people happy. If you want a non-neutered khajiit form for your transformation you can download the khajiit nudity patch unzip this after installing this mod.

Other than the scripted transformation spells you will be forced to rely on enchant and alchemy to obtain other magic effects that you might want. But generally if you want to fly, transform into a bat or cliff racer. Want to swim? become a slaughterfish or argonian. Want to run fast? become a wolf. Transformation is your primary form of magic.

Note: The humanoid transformations will not allow you to wear a left gauntlet or glove. Since the transformation is essentially clothing you'll have to wear armor or else you'll appear naked - but NPCs will not react to you as if you were naked. You should also get some dialogue and vocal greetings according to the race you are transformed into. This may not be perfect as the samerace function cannot be changed dynamically. If you are transformed into a non-humanoid race, NPCs will generally not talk to you, there are a few forms that they will but often at reduced disposition.

You start out with only two transformations - a flying bat and mist form. The bat can only be used outside and you cannot attack or open doors in that form. The mist form cannot attack and is mostly for avoiding danger. Other creature forms have bonuses and drawbacks you can find out by playing the game or looking at the scripted spells read-me.

As you progress in your game you can gain new tranformation spells by finding Hazaeki NPCs (some are not what they seem!) who will sell you spells OR killing creatures - scroll items called "form knowledge" will appear in the inventories of some creatures (you may need to use a leveld list merger to see all of the items) To use the scroll item place it on the ground and pick it back up. You will then learn the transformation spell for the creature you have just killed. Humanoid transformations MUST be obtained through purchase.

Each of your transformation forms give you a bonus - including the humanoid ones to compensate for the fact that the form will replace any enchanted clothign you had. The transformation spells do require alteration skill although most are pretty easy. This allows you to gain experience by transforming.

Hazaeki are somewhat vampiric or parasitic in nature and cannot regenerate their own health by resting so you are given an absorption spell that paralyses both you and your opponent but allows you to recover health. This is best to use with a lone opponent. The Hazaeki CANNOT become vampires (since they are already somewhat vampiric) but they can become werewolves.

If you know what you're doing you can add new faces to the hazaeki from dunmer facepacks. If you really know what you're doing in the CS you can change the race's default or transformation forms around to anything you'd like - since they are perfect mimics they can appear as anything (I do NOT recommend changing them to a beast race however as it will mess up the transformations).

One other word of caution - since this race uses a lot of force equipping do be careful with other mods that do the same- i.e. other tranformation or forcequipping mods - Mcasmod werewolves (probably just plain not a good idea) - possibly Pegas horse ranch (you might not be able to ride in the transformed state). etc. etc.

Default form

Khajiit Form

Argonian Form

in Rat form


Str 30/30
Int 50/50
Wil 40/40
Agi 50/50
Spd 30/30
End 40/40
Per 40/40
Luc 30/30

Skill Bonuses

Mercantile 10
Speechcraft 10
Acrobatics 10
Alteration 5
Shortblade 5
Hand to hand 5


Power of Hazaeki
Resist Normal weapons 50%
Weakness to shock 100%
Weakness of Hazaeki
Weakness to Magicka 50%
Damage Magicka 30 pts
Download the Hazaeki

Biology and info on the Hazaeki

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