Sabregirl's Werewolf Gameplay Mods

Werewolf Clans of Vvardenfell

I consider this mod a permanent beta due to the strange behavoir of WW NPCs in morrowind. There are some known issues with it but they are not overly detrimental to gameplay.

To become a member of a certain clan you need to be infected by a werewolf that is a member of that clan. There are NO quests associated with this mod but each clan has a lair in their home region with services that are only for clan members. You can also talk to the werewolves about their own clan and other clans at high disposition. If you become a known werewolf you can visit your clan's base to have your known werewolf status removed (it will be removed on entry you don't need to talk to anyone).

The new werewolves spawn in their own particular locations in Vvardenfell and solstheim. You’ll find individual werewolves that are normal NPCs during the day and attack you while in werewolf form (these do not respawn). Most of the werewolves in clan bases transform only at the full moon. There are also respawning werewolves that only appear at night. These respawning werewolves were added by leveled lists and then individually placed in the landscape.

Werewolves of your own clan do not attack you even if you are in werewolf form - assuming you do not have any GMST problems.
YOU CAN become a werewolf and vampire at the same time with this mod with NO messed up head (You'll have to either use the console or use a weakness to common disease spell (since vampires are immune to common diseases) and you must be infected by one of the clans and you must be a vampire first)-however use caution as combining other werewolf and vampire mods may have strange effects-this aspect has not been fully tested. . .

Download the file here (11MB)

The Clans:

The Red Mountain Clan:

Screenshot Very vicious red werewolves found only in the red mountain region. They receive a bonus in strength and blunt weapon skills and have the strongest claws of any werewolf. In werewolf form they are immune to fire but weak to frost. Their desire to kill spills over even into their human form so watch out for them. Their lair can be found somewhere in the red mountain region. I wouldn't suggest going in there (Especially on a full moon) unless you are really tough!

(actually, entering ANY of the lairs on a full moon is a bad idea . . .)

The Shadow Clan:

Screenshot Probably the most common of the werewolf clans they are based around stealth. They are black in color. They receive a bonus to sneak skills and have a sanctuary ability in both human and werewolf form. In werewolf form they are excellent leapers but are weak to magical attacks. The wolves of the shadow clan spawn in the Ashlands and Molag amur region. Their lair is located in the Ashlands.

The Golden Clan:

Screenshot The rarest of the 4 clans they appear ONLY during full moons. They are the closest to benevolent werewolves and are somewhat magical in nature they get bonuses to intelligence and willpower in human form and a reflect ability while in werewolf form but a weakness to normal weapons. Their domain is the Azura’s Coast region. Their lair is located in a dwemer ruin but the door to the lair appears only during full moons. The golden clan werewolves are a tawny gold color. If you visit this base you can get an amulet that will teleport you back.

The Arctic Clan:

Screenshot Found only on Solstheim the arctic clan is all about the cold north lands. They are unusually lucky and resist frost and shock they are weak to fire however. Their lair is found in the coldest reaches of Solstheim. These werewolves are white.

All of the new werewolf textures were made by me except for the white ones which were done by Emberwolf.

This mod is compatible with my other werewolf mods. The regular bloodmoon werewolves are still around on solstheim but they have no clan affiliations or bonuses. If you are infected through the bloodmoon main quest you will become one of these. You can use console commands to change your clan affinities around - these are included in the Read-me of the mod.

You CAN do the bm main quest as one of the clan type werewolves but you can only do the werewolf quests as one if you use one of my werewolf gameplay mods-werewolf realism or were-better. These will affect clan werewolves in the same way as normal werewolves.

Known Issues

1. Because of the modification to the werewolf fight mod GMST some NPCs will not react properly to you in werewolf form. A few may treat you as if you were in human form and not attack or flee from you. They may even give you audible greetings telling you you are naked-some clanmembers may do this as well.

2. If you choose to be a vampire-werewolf and if you rest before transforming into your werewolf form, your health will be stuck at whatever it was in human form before you rested- this is due to the vampire dream script that keeps you from regaining health by resting. You can regain it by killing an NPC.

3. If you use the GMST fix with this mod your clan members will attack you if you see them in the wilderness or you enter the base while in werewolf form. I have included a modified version of the GMST fix mod that will avoid this. You do NOT need to use the GMST fix mod if your other mods are clean.

4. This mod is *mostly* compatible with my werewolf realism and other gameplay mods. There are some scripts that will need to be started via console.

5. One some occasions NPC-werewolves may turn up as "silent hill" people. So far as I know this is an inherent bug in the Bloodmoon werewolf system so there's nothing I can do about it. If you don't like it. Don't use the mod.

6. Sometimes once set to fight your clan members may not want to stop fighting with you. If you rest 3 days somewhere else their fight settings *may* revert to normal. But to be the safest, I would suggest getting infected by werewolves OUTSIDE of the bases.

7. I Do NOT plant to make any quests based on this mod. I simply do not have the time and it's just too annoying to work with Bloodmoon type werewolves anyway. If anyone wants to make quests based on this mod they may do so, but it would be nice if they let me know about it.