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Gadan Pharlans

The Gadan Pharlans are essentially a color variant of normal pharlans. They aren't a true sub-race like the Galesa or Sayarten pharlans.

Gadan Pharlans will be treated the same as any other pharlan in The Way of the Talon pharlan quest mod. (Which is BTW playable by all races)

Like the other pharlan races Gadan pharlans are available in both upright and beast versions. The body textures for this version are courtesy of KZM. I used part of them to create new head textures for version 2.1.

Beast Female

2 heads for each gender and at least 2 hairstyles for each. Working Vampire heads are included.

Stat Rundown

Stats M/F
Str 40/40
Int 55/55
Wil 40/40
Agi 40/30
Spd 30/40
End 30/30
Per 20/20
Luc 40/40

Skill bonuses

Destruction - 10
Hand to Hand- 10
Mysticism - 5
Light armor - 10
Unarmored - 5
Long blade - 5


Pharlan Pride
5.0X magicka Bonus
100% weakness to normal weapons
70 pts spell absorbption

stunted magicka

Pharlan Senses
Detect Animal 150ft
Night Eye 15pts


Sense of the Hunter
Detect animal 300ft 300 sec. (in case you lose the ability)

Pharlan Energy Absorbption
Absorb Magicka 50-70pts 1 sec
Damage Health 5pts 1 sec
0 magicka cost
does not always succeed - requires mysticism/destruction skill.

Pharlan Flight
Levitate 100pts 60 sec
damage fatigue 4pts 60 sec
0 Magicka cost
Fast Flight
Levitate 500pts 60 sec
300 Magicka
Dispel 100% 1 sec
0 magicka cost

Upright Male

Upright Male Back

Download here (2.9 MB)

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