Sabregirl's Morrowind mods

The Ryukaissen Dragon Race mod for Morrowind

This mod creates a new playable dragon type race called the Ryukaissen. They are one of my Seven great races. The Ryukaissen are powerful and honorable warriors with mutual respect and admiration for pharlans. They are flight capable (although not as good at flying as pharlans) by the use of items - found in a chest near Seyda Neen's Lighthouse. This is a better bodies using beast race. New Foot meshes by Midnight have been included in this mod. Midnight and I are working on an expansion for this mod that will include more NPCs and dialogue for the race.

Default Colors

Male = Gold
Female = Silver

Bright color texture replacement

Male = Red
Female = Purple
There is also an esp that includes female dragons that have a "chest" for those of you that want that sort of thing.


Str 50/50
Int 50/50
Wil 40/40
Agi 35/35
Spd 40/50
End 50/35
Per 5/10
Luc 40/40


Dragon's Heart
Resist Fire 100
Magicka bonus 0.5X
Resist poison 50
Resist Paralysis 10


Dragon skin
Dragon's Fire
Fire damage 100pts 5 sec
Fortify Health 10 pts 90 sec
fortify attack 10 pts 90 sec
There are a handful of Ryukaissen NPCs placed around Morrowind. They have been given race specific greetings. Download the Ryukaissen

Standard Colors

Bright Colors

Download the bright color replacer-Just install this AFTER the main download.

EVEN MORE alternate colors made by Midnight are available here. Blue, Green, black and white are all included. 10 MB BIG!


Although I've finally stuck my little toe in the vast ocean of modeling basically all I can do is barely tweak models at this point soooo!

The wings are from Ian Mconvilles' Mog mod

The tail is modified by me from Dale Stocker's Gargoyle Race mod

All bodies are by the better bodies team - Psychodog studios

One of the heads is by Silaria and Silaria's Argonian hairstyles have been used directly and have not been modified.

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