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29 October, 2016



It has come! Pharlans for Skyrim!

An updated (color variant) of pharlans has been released with new textures from KZM - Gadan pharlans, Red and black! The download link for this mod has been broken for *apparently* several years! But it should be working now. :)
Version 2.1 of the Way of the Talon Pharlan quest mod has been released! Lots of new goodies for all!

All of the pharlan sub-races now have a non-beast version for those people who "don't like beast races"

New, *optional* replacement wings for the beast version of all three sub-races are available. Standard pharlans have been updated with an upright (non-beast) version comeplete with wings and tail. Galesa Pharlans

Download STANDARD Pharlans version 4.0 here5.4 Megs

Download Gadan Pharlans version 2.1 (With new textures from KZM)

Download Forest Pharlans version 1.5

Download Galesa Pharlans version 1.5

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