The trional were formerly a large and diverse group of animals living on Rona. They are unique in that they are armored animals that also have an internal skeleton and typically have 3 pairs of limbs. They are thought to have been the first organisms to take to the air. They are now represented by two major groups, Pharlans and Gethen. This group of organisms share in common, six limbs and an alternative genetic material unique from other organisms on Rona. Both pharlans and the many gethen species are highly derived from their common ancestor which is estimated to have existed at least 200 million years ago. Pharlans appear to have had additional modifications on top of simple evolutionary processes, having a second set of genetic information which is completely different from the set that is moderately similar to gethen and different from any other life forms that have yet been discovered.. Indeed the gethen-type genetic information is housed in a separate compartment inside pharlan cells. This makes pharlans truly unique lifeforms.

Example Species

Coastal Gethen

Height: 7 feet
Weight: 1000 lb
The gethen is a browser and grazer usually found along coastlines. There are about 10 different species of gethen.

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