Land Plants of Rona

The term "Land plants" also includes plants that have secondarily adapted to life in water. Ronan plants are divided into four groups depending on the light harvesting pigment they utilize. These light harvesting pigments come from the photosynthetic organisms with which the ancestral plant cells formed symbiotic relationships with. The diversity of light harvesting pigments allows the four major groups of plants to live in the same region with less competition for idential light wavelengths. This also allowed each group to invade land independently, but this was thought to occur almost simultaneously.

Rhlotsi:Red pigmented

Red pigmented plants which absorb in the green to blue end of the visible spectrum. These can compete well with the green pigmented Srelotsi.

Srelotsi:Green pigmented

These are green pigmented plants which absorb mostly in the red end of the spectrum, though to a lesser extent the blue end.

Ghalotsi:Dark/brown pigmented

These plants have a combination of both pigment types above. They are the most efficient in capturing light but they are also the easiest to overload and "sunburn". These plants are usually restricted to lower light intensity locations and regions.

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