The Birds are also a very sucessful group on Rona. Genetic and morphological similarity shows that they apparently originally derive from stock on earth. However, no Ronan birds are flight capable and all have claws on the forelegs.


Height: 3 in
Le ngth: 6in
Weight: 6 oz
The inji is a rodent-like bird that lives in tunnels. It feeds on the fruits and roots of the Hyperia plant which makes up the bulk of the savannah plant life. It is a favorite prey of many species including the Cymeadiah and the Lora. By feeding on the fruits of the Hyperia plant, the Inji is an important seed distributor an integral component of the Savannah ecosystem.


Height: 2 ft
Le ngth: 2ft
Weight: 15 lb
A relative of the inji, it is larger and normally lives in scrub or forest areas. It is less subterranean than its relative and more brightly colored. It subsists on a wide variety of fruits and nuts.


The Kennedir are a group of similar predatory species that look very much like four footed eagles. They are almost all extremely fleet footed and some are pack hunters. They have long thin feathered tails that they can hold high in the air for communication in tall grass. Many species have a large dewclaw on the forelegs. They are roughly the ronan equivalent of wolves and other wild dogs.

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